Personal Data

Full name

Francisco José Fernández Naranjo


31 years old



Professional Data


Spanish (Native)
English (Intermediate level)
French, Japanese, Latin (Basics)

Web Development Skills

Web standards knowledge and conformation (HTML, XHTML).

Separation of presentation and content using cascade style sheets (CSS).

Specialization in proper web marketing techniques. SEO patterns utilization.

Web sites I18N skills (internationalization), managing content in different ways or using alternative display methods (ex. reverse writing languages).

Experience with a lot of server-side languages (ASP, JSP, etc). Great agility and experience using PHP and Python, with Object Oriented Programming (OOP), and the Django framework.

Advanced knowledge in database analysis, design and operation, using different database kinds.

Experience working with multiple content management systems (CMS) and templates systems.

Knowledge of JavaScript and basic Ajax applications.

Game Design Skills

Personal experience using campaigns-level editors for RTS and RPG games, such Staredit and Waredit for Starcraft and Warcraft respectively, and Aurora editor for Never Winter Nights.

Personal experience in 3D level design with common editors (QERadiant. Hammer Editor o Worldcraft, UnrealEd, etc) using advanced lighting techniques and proper elements and space distribution. Ability to make scenario sketches.

Ability to write elaborated histories, texts and dialogs.

General knowledges in script languages. Including generic scripts languages like lua and specific script languages like the used by Unreal Engine and other games (ex. Fallout or The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion).

Ability to make documentation focused on managing general development procedures (using design and analysis from software engineering). Combination of this techniques with game design related tasks.

General knowledges in many game development aspects, like sounds or music composing.

Personal experience in characteristics balance, making fair and equilibrated game systems, for example, creating complex rules systems to develop my own board games.

Habit to develop internal or external evaluating protocols (prerequisites lists or surveys respectively), to improve personal developments.

Passion for videogames and their development. Willing to work like a game designer and grow to the top of my profession.

Habit to play rol table games as Game Director or Master. I like to work with different thematics: medieval fantasy with Dungeons&Dragons, contemporary games like Vampire: The Masquerade or future games like Mutant Chronicles or Cyberpunk.

Basic experience in hight-level game oriented languages and game makers (Div Games Studio, RPGMaker).

Generic skills

Experience developing applications for Android devices.

General knowledge about modern programming methodologies like Object Oriented Programming, XP, etc. Knowledge about the most used medium-level languages (C, C++). Personal experience with a lot of different languages with different characteristics (Visual Basic, Java, Delphi, etc).

Basic knowledge in process management.
Contact Data

Personal E-Mail and Hangouts account

fjfnaranjo 4T gmail D0T com

Public Key (GPG DSA 1024 bits)


Skype (and related)
Notify me before by E-Mail or Hangouts


Mobile phone number

(+34) 615 40 49 01

Current postal address

Urb. Costa Banana. Portal 5B. Piso 10D.
18690. Almuñécar. Granada.



Videogames development and design

Web development and design

General Design



Movies y series

Manga, anime and general japanese culture

A good talk

Take a walk, travel, lie in a beach, look the sea...



All the previous things, better in company

Favourite Videogames


Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

Metal Gear Solid

Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty



Final Fantasy VII

X-Com Enemy Uknown


Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

Duke Nukem

Unreal Tournament 2004

Day of Defeath

Need for Speed: Most Wanted


Warcraft III

Empire Earth II

Age of Empires II

Diablo II


Civilization III

Civilization IV



Indigo Prophecy

Black and White 2

Rainbow Six: Raven Shield

The Day of the Tentacle

Prince of Persia

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

Another World


And many many others, leave outside to make a short list.

Favourite Music



Mago de Oz

Other music...



Linkin Park


Yann Tiersen

Online Whisperings podcast piano music

Favourite Movies and Series

Favourite directors

Night Shyamalan

Steven Spielberg

Robert Zemeckis

Tim Burton

Favourite actors and actress

Robert De Niro

Tom Cruise

Jack Nicholson

Mel Gibson

Brad Pitt

Audrey Tautou

Nicole Kidman

Favourite films

Lady on the water

The village


Star Wars saga

Moulin Rouge

The Others

Favourite series



House M.D.


Favourite Manga and Anime



Death Note




Ghost In The Shell: SAC